Experience the Agafay Desert, a dramatic river canyon, sandstone cliffs and an adobe village on a 2 hour camel trek from Nkhila Camp.


  • Ride a Malian camel

  • Agafay Desert experience

  • Discover Nkhila village

  • Explore a palm oasis

  • Sandstone cliffs in river valley

At Nkhila one of the most popular activities is a camel trek along the river canyon below camp to Nkhila village.


On this scenic ride we descend from camp to the dry riverbed to the west, then walk along the riverbed passing beneath sandstone rock walls to reach an oasis of palm trees and Nkhila village. We return to camp following a different route. Look out for desert wildlife such as Agama lizards en route.

The camel, known as the ‘ship of the desert’ is a remarkable animal and provides us with a relaxing way to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Marrakech desert. Once you’ve found your balance and got used to the very rhythmic motion a camel makes it's great fun! You’ll enjoy a break in a little village. Here you can stretch your legs, sip hot tea and enjoy Berber hospitality. Discover the millennial mud walls and clever hammams still in use today and how the aridity of the land unravels into a rich tapestry of tastes, flavours and myriad shades of red as the light changes across the landscape. 


Hire of Malian camel from camp back to camp; camel handler; English-speaking guide from the camp.


Tips, beverages, optional activities and items of a personal nature.

Please note that camel riding is at your own risk!


0900 or 1600  Meet your camel & camel handler. Depart Nkhila Camp

0945 or 1645  Arrive at Douar Nkhila oasis and village; tea in a local house

1015 or 1715  Ride camel back to Nkhila Camp

1100 or 1800  Arrive Nkhila Camp

Timings are approx. and may vary due to interests of the group, weather or seasons.

This activity is suitable for everyone of reasonable fitness. Longer rides deeper into Agafay Desert can be arranged locally.


Private camel rides operate on request, every day.


Wear comfortable shoes. We also recommend a camera, sun hat and sunglasses.

Located in the Agafay Desert, near Marrakech,


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