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Welcome to Nkhila Camp, Agafay Desert, Marrakech

Nkhila Camp is almost ready to receive guests. The Agafay Desert's newest luxury tented camp is nearing completion and we are delighted to publish its new website today. So far, camps in the Agafay Desert have followed a fairly traditional design of simple caidal tents on open plains. Nkhila Camp is different. We have chosen a truly breathtaking location to build our camp - on the top of a hill in eastern Agafay, set in 5 hectares of stone and sand desert. And we've built each of our luxury tents on a decked platform built on stilts on the side of the hill. This allows for incredible views from the balconies, great ventilation and airflow in the summer heat. We started construction back in January 2020 and would have been open at the end of March but pesky covid-19 put a stop to that plan. Now we are mulling over a new opening date depending on border controls, quarantine rules, etc, etc. Keep an eye on our blog for updates and news!


Located in the Agafay Desert, near Marrakech,


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